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Pacific Asian Log.
The November 2021 edition of  the Pacific Asian Log (PAL) is now available.  It can be downloaded from the Radioheritage website https://www.radioheritage.com/ (Go to the “Radio Guides” drop down menu)

Members of the IRCA mailing list in groups.io can also download the PAL from the files page at

As usual, many changes and updates have been incorporated into this latest edition.  I’ve also added a Parallels section listing the frequencies used by various networks throughout the region. It should be
helpful for those who check parallel frequencies during their DX sessions.

Comments and updates from users are welcome and encouraged.  They can be sent to 

First issued in 2001, The PAL lists medium wave and domestic shortwave broadcasting stations in southern and eastern Asia and the Pacific.  It lists nearly 5000 stations in over 50 countries, with frequencies, call signs, locations, power, networks, schedules, languages, formats, networks and other information.

Bruce Portzer to WOR iog (2021-12-02)