From Northern Star Media Services AS: Press Release
1314 1611 5895
At the time of writing(9/12/21) there is uncertainty regarding extensions of Northern Star’s MW/SW AM licenses as they soon will run out.
Northern Star has been on MW since 2012 and SW since 2013.
The company expects a reply to their re-applications in the near future.
For this reason there are tentative plans for a silent Period on their AM frequencies from Mid-December pending license renewal from 2022.
 A special “Goodbye to AM?” event is therefore in production for 1314(228 metres) and 5895 kHz(49 m band) for the evening of Tuesday December 14th slightly into Wednesday 15th.
“Radio Days” on Sunday December 12th which runs from 2200 CET until midnight will broadcast classic and historic Norwegian-language programming ex NRK relating to the LKB LLE site, Bergen kringkaster, which broadcasted NRK Riks(1937-1978) and Bergen Lokal from 1937-1966. 
 A special format on Radio Northern Star will start after midnight CET on Monday December 13th, including a new trial version of the station’s sign off procedure. the format will as always consist of great music, with a mix of A-List, Christmas, Country, Gospel, Scandinavian as well as «radio», and «message music» plus tracks of empathy and hope.
On December 14th at 2000-2200 CET there will be two hours dedicated to Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster(Bergen Broadcasting) which is the Radio Club that have been good cooperators with since 2009. It was the radio amateurs here that managed to get the LKB LLE site back on air in 2012.
From 2200 CET on the the 14th and until 0008 CET on the 15th December the AM sign off program of Radio Northern Star will be broadcasted, closing with the signature tune “Northern Star” by Ann Reed, the usual sign off announcement and then a special version of the Norwegian National Anthem “Ja vi Elsker», before the transmitter goes off the air.
So at that time both 1314, 5895, also the 1611 kHz The Sea transmitter will leave the air, but the company hopes this will be temporary.
After a short break in the stream, the web version of RNS will then continue with its format of Classic Pop and Rock, from both sides of the Atlantic, Scandinavian and European Oldies and Gospel Standards.
The Sea, The Ferry and The Northern Beacon streams will run uninterrupted all the way.
Of course it is the company’s hope that Radio Northern Star/The Northern Star stations will get new permanent licenses and that they will last long!
A promo with information about this has been rotating in the program schedule since Thursday Dec.9th, and in the final hour just before Midnight CET on the 14th there will be a short speech by the CEO SvennM.
The Northern Star stations are still interested in receiving reception reports with recordings of their AM frequencies as they go far.
The stations are heard on many regular receivers especially on 5895 kHz.
5895 is so far heard in over 30 countries, 1611 in over 15 and 1314 in over 10. Among the furthest points are upstate New York, Newfoundland, Rostov, Russia, Messina, Sicily and Kongsfjord, Norway.
Many Kiwi SDR receivers are hearing the stations from countries such as Ireland, the UK, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Reports may be sent to
The station will as always be glad to acknowledge correct reports by eQSL folder.

The company is very happy that it has been possible to create an international radio station and that is has lasted so long-12 years so far- since it first appeared on the web.Now it is the company’s hope that permanent licenses will be awarded and that it is possible to build a bigger operation and use as many radio platforms as possible.
For more information please write
Northern Star Media Services AS
Chief Editor/Broadcasting Coordinator
Svenn Martinsen

Ydun Ritz (2021-12-09)