AM broadcasting ended in Jordan.
Google-translated from German:
The ever-growing list of countries in which AM broadcasting has ended may have expanded to include Jordan. After the shortwave international radio broadcasting stopped here in 2012, the shutdown of the last medium-wave transmitter has now been reported.
The frequency 612 kHz has not been active since the beginning of October. According to official information, it ran with 100 kW via a transmitter at Shobak (Shabak, Shoabak) in the south-west of the country.
If you can still hear Arabic voices among the Spanish stations, which now dominate on 612 kHz, you should not be misled by this. You are probably from Bahrain, possibly from Morocco or Saudi Arabia.
The last but one active medium wave system in Jordan was the Amman transmitter. Its operation at 855 kHz has been discontinued since February 2020. The second frequency 1035 kHz with the Koran program had already been shut down a few years earlier.
This also applies to the Ajlun transmitter, which with its 2000 kW once belonged to the medium-wave giants, but still had no chance against the 801 kHz frequency from Bavaria and Saint Petersburg. Most recently, when this “problem” no longer existed, only an alibi operation with low performance remained.
After all, the transmitter station in the immediate vicinity of the desert castle Kharana, 60 kilometers east of Amman, has not been active for a decade. It only went into operation in 1988.
The last thing to do here was the – recently severely restricted – operation of the three 500 kW shortwave transmitters. They also broadcast the English program on Radio Jordan by the hour. The 1200 kW transmitters with frequencies 207 and 1494 kHz had already been switched off years earlier.
The long wave is particularly noteworthy. Besides Turkey, Jordan remained the only Middle Eastern country that not only reserved frequencies at the Geneva Wave Conference of 1975, but actually put long-wave broadcasting into operation.
Original article in Radio Eins Radio News

Kai Ludwig, Radio Eins Radio-News (2021-12-11)