Reminder! From 2200 CET on the 14th to 0008 CET on the 15th of December, the last program of Radio Northern Star on AM under the current license will be broadcast.
After the Midnight Station ID, the signature tune “Northern Star” by Ann Reed, and the daily closing ceremony a special version of the Norwegian national anthem “Ja vi Elsker” will go out, before the transmitter goes off the air.
At the same time, also the 1611 kHz The Sea transmitter will leave the air, but we hope the silence on all channels will be temporary.
Correct listener reports are answered with eQSL, please send report and preferably a short audio recording in mp3 to and
We wish you all a blessed Advent, Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year 2022,
And-Thanks for listening!
Svenn Martinsen wrote on the  Arctic Radio Club Facebook group 11 December 2021.

Kari Kallio to nordx iog (2021-12-14)