On 12 December the Italian station AM Italia broadcast a special program to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the first transoceanic communication between Poldhu (UK) and Terranova (Canada) by Guglielmo Marconi. AM Italia (formerly Challenger Radio) operates from Villa Estense(Padua, northern Italy).
This program was transmitted on 207 kHz, 918 kHz and 1323 kHz and consisted in a loop with an announcement in English, followed by a speech in Italian by Guglielmo Marconi himself describing his experimental communications and by 20 “S” letters in Morse code, the signal sent on air during that historical contact.
I posted a video of my reception on my YouTube channel:

{below: I think he means that 918 and 1323 are off the air at this late hour – but still earlier — Glenn Hauser}
While 918 and 1323 kHz are now off the air, the 207 kHz LW frequency is still operating and might be received overseas, in spite of its low power (about 1 kW into a wire antenna). Voice is hard to be heard even from my QTH, only 100 km from the station, but the CW “S” letters ( … ) stand clear above the background noise on the band. The station is considering to leave 207 kHz on air continuously and without a precise final date, so have your try!
May I suggest to try and tune into the Morse code characters for your best chance to hear the station. The CW tone is 660 Hz, and during the CW section of the program you could consider the station as a simple A2A NDB and listen in CW mode, with as narrow a selectivity as possible, on 207 kHz +/- 660 Hz (207.660 kHz or 206.340 kHz).
Reception reports to info at am-italia dot it
73 and good luck!

Fabrizio Magrone (Italy) to MWCircle iog via WOR iog (2021-12-15)