In the years 2003/2004, RADIOCOM replaced the Romanian LW as well as almost all MW transmitters with new “HARRIS” devices:

Now the last five older AM transmitters which are still in use will also be replaced. RADIOCOM will buy three new 50 kW, and two new 25 kW MW transmitters. They will be installed in the following locations:

50 kW – 1458 kHz – SRR Radio România Actualități (currently 100 kW, off-air)
50 kW – 1314 kHz – SRR Antena Satelor (currently 50 kW)
25 kW – 909 kHz – SRR Radio Constanța (currently 25 kW)

50 kW – 603 kHz – SRR Radio România Actualități (currently 50 kW)

25 kW – 603 kHz – SRR Antena Satelor/Radio Bukarest/Bukaresti Rádió (currently 30 kW)

More information (in Romanian and English):

Note: 1458 kHz is off-air since the beginning of Aug.2021 since the old Thomson TMW-100 tx is not working any more.

Here is a COMPLETE DETAILED LIST of all Romanian LW and MW broadcasts:

Alexander Busneag to WOR iog (2021-12-15)