225 kHz Longwave radio broadcasting is becoming an exotic affair.
Those who remained can be counted on one hand. Let’s talk about Poland. Probably the loudest station in the range. Frequency 225 kHz …
Back in 1974, near the small village of Gombin, a miracle was built – the Warsaw radio mast. Antenna mast with a height of 646 meters. More than half a kilometer into the sky. The need to build this facility was the fact that the long-wave transmitter in the village of Raszyn, which was operating at that time, did not provide the necessary coverage for Poland.
The new location was specially chosen: the central location relative to the Polish territory, high electrical conductivity of the soil.

Until 1991 – the tallest building in the world. The mast worked as a half-wave emitter. Power 2000 kW.
General characteristics:
Weight: Polish sources claim 420 tons
Height: 646.38 meters (2120.67 feet)
Frequency: 227 kHz (before February 1988), 225 kHz (after February 1988)
Type: Steel lattice mast with guy wires.

On August 8, 1991, the guy wires were repaired. As the workers secured the temporary cables, a sudden blowing wind twisted the mast and it bent about halfway up. After the destruction of the mast, transmissions at a frequency of 225 kHz continued from the old transmitter in the village of Rashin.
However, the facility was used to broadcast the second program of Polish Radio at 198kHz. To work at two frequencies at once, the transmitter in the village of Rashin could not, and transmissions at a frequency of 198 kHz were stopped before the launch of a new transmitting facility.
In 1995, the Polish authorities began work on the renovation of the Warsaw Mast, as the importance of long-wave transmissions remained relevant.
But local residents opposed the restoration, fearing the danger of electro-magnetic radiation. The search for a new location for the transmitting facility has been started.
A new location was found at a former military facility near the town of Solec Kujawski. It is worth noting that local residents there initially resisted construction as well. The tension was eased after a large donation from Polish Radio for the development of the local community.
The programs from the new facility were broadcast on September 4, 1999. The masts are 330 and 289 meters high.
To this day, the broadcasts of the First Polish Radio Program can be heard at a frequency of 225 kHz. Power: 1200 / 700 kW.
Vladimir Kovalenko, Tomsk-RUS via WWDXC

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