Unfortunately, friends, air losses are planned from January 1.
The broadcasting of the Pravoslavnoe Radio of St. Petersburg at a frequency of 828 kHz is terminated. Preservation of broadcasting of the Radio Gazeta Slovo is still in question. The editor-in-chief and owner of the Slovo, Vyacheslav Prokofievich Suvorov, died in October as a result of complications from Covid-19.
Vladimir Parshakov

RUS-DX 2. January via WOR iog (2022-01-03)

Radiogazeta Slovo 828 kHz.
A photo from the studio of Radiogazeta Slovo, placed on the first floor of a former factory building, with an orthodox church on the ground floor in the same building. I visited the station in 2015 during the EDXC Conference in Saint Petersburg.

Ydun Ritz (2022-01-03)