AM Italia QSY now from 918 to 1323 kHz.
We just received the formal authorization to use 1323 kHz. We’ll start testing as of tonight, and will drop 918 kHz.

Alfredo Cotroneo to WOR iog (2022-01-19)

Monitoring via nearby Noale SDR from 1655 tune-in, 918 is off. *1656, 1323 comes on with English ID as if on 918, “have a nice listening“! Lots more off & on at lower and higher levels past 1708, testing.
1323 co-channel, not much heard but listed in WRTH: two UKs of 20 and 500 watts; 50 kW Iran in Azeri at 0030-2030; 15 kW from Romania, see if you can figure out the schedule from page 334; 10 kW from Tanzania, 1500-1800 only with CRI English relay; China with 9 stations totaling 1360 kW! plus more minor stations in Asia and Pacific.
1323 ex-918 will of course affect WORLD OF RADIO times: Fri 1915 & 2130, Sun 2100 UT

Glenn Hauser, WOR iog (2022-01-19)