United States

On 14 January 2022, KAAY was granted an Extension of its Existing Engineering STA:
“Station KAAY (AM) Little Rock, Arkansas, is licensed to operate on 1090 kHz with 50 kW of power in the non-directional mode during the day and 50 kW of power in the directional mode utilizing three towers at night. Radio License Holding CBC, LLC (‘RLH’), the licensee of KAAY, respectfully requests an extension of its special temporary authorization (‘STA’) to permit continued operation in the non-directional node at night with reduced power. Daytine operation is unaffected. […]
As previously reported the tower(s) used for its nighttime operation collapsed. As a result, RLH has been using the daytime tower during nighttime hours with 25% power (12.5 kW) to provide service to its listeners, pursuant to section 73.1560(d) of the commission’s rules.
After much discussion, RLH has made the business decision to propose changes to the nighttime operation of station KAAY. It intends to work with its consulting engineers to prepare a construction permit application that will request nighttime operation in the non-directional mode at reduced power. Until this FCC form 301 is filed and FCC action is taken, RLH respectfully requests an extension of its STA, which allows non-directional operation with 25% power at night. this will enable its listeners in the little rock area to continue to receive nighttime service.”

Hansjörg Biener (2022-01-19)