Domestic English Service of CGTN Radio (ex CRI China Plus Radio) had been on air at Beijing (846kHz) only. Since January 17, 2022, the service has been available in Nanchang, a capital city of Jiangxi, on FM91.1MHz. CGTN Radio has been intending to expand the service area in domestic China. EZFM in Yunnan has already relayed CGTN programs, but FM91.1 in Nanchang is the first case of CGTN Radio setting up the own station to cover the local city. Probably CGTN Radio in English will be available in more local cities in China in the future.
TV News announcing the opening of the station
Recording of FM91.1 by Chinese local listener
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The service seems to be available on portable phones in Nanchang city.

Takahito Akabayshi, Tokyo, Japan to WOR iog (2022-03-14)