Russia / Ukraine

Crowdfunding Effort Transmits VOA, RFE/RL Programs to Russia, Ukraine.
The unprecedented campaign is not affiliated with VOA and RFE/RL or their parent organization, the United States Agency for Global Media.

“We hope USAGM will realize the dire need for radio broadcasts at a time of war when millions of people have been cut off from the internet and credible TV news due to censorship by Russia, the destruction of infrastructure and their homes,” said Neiswender. “Until the U.S. government decides to adequately return to radio – both shortwave and mediumwave (known as ‘AM radio’) – we will fund transmissions as long as we have money.”

The additional transmitters to be utilized from Monday “will put a stronger shortwave signal into the target region and add medium wave,” said Gerhard Straub, the former director of USAGM’s Broadcast Technologies Division, who is among those providing expert advice to Shortwaves for Freedom.
“In times of crisis if the content is compelling, the audience will go where they know the information is,” Straub said, addressing the question of radio’s ability to help effectively counter the Kremlin’s obstruction of outside media.
Reception of the initial broadcasts from Florida have been confirmed in the targeted countries.
The initial broadcasts that commenced over the past week will continue from WRMI (Radio Miami International), utilizing 100,000-watt transmitters beaming to Eastern Europe.

Here is the daily schedule [7x/week unless noted] from March 14 being funded by Shortwaves for Freedom:
(UTC is +4 hours EDT):
02:00-04:00 UTC Radio Svoboda (RFE/RL Russian) 7780 kHz
18:00-19:00 UTC Radio Svoboda 1395 kHz MW
19:00-20:00 UTC Radio Svoboda 9370 kHz
19:30-20:00* UTC ‘Flashpoint Ukraine’ (VOA English) 15770 kHz
(* Monday-Friday)

Contact: Kate Neiswender, Esq.
+1 (213)-457-3488

Shortwaves for Freedom is not affiliated with any government, political, corporation organization or any special-interest group. One hundred percent of funds received by the group go to pay for broadcast transmissions.
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Anatoly Klepov (2022-03-14)