PMR frequencies: 999 kHz is definitely strongest here, no more trace of Rai IT which used to be present here before. also stronger than TWR has been in the past! probably 1000 kW for this?!
1413 comes next, strong and clear most of the time but gets swamped out by 500 watts UK station at certain point, presumed 500 kW from a directional system twrds east.
621 kHz only on air during the early morning hours with vy. weak and vy. directional signal. checked the whole evening and no trace of TWR here. only Spain (10 kW) heard! “TWR Ukrainian&Russian&Belarusian 1730-1935″ listed for 621 but no single sign of this today. forgot to check 1548 today but I will do tomorrow.
Just a reminder: 621 kHz is only active on weekdays (Mo-Fr) with the “Radio 1plus” oldie music in russian language, never heard on Sat or Sun. guess this is the old x-mitter.

Robert, Germany (2022-04-09)