HE FIRST SUNQUAKE OF SOLAR CYCLE 25: This week, the sun trembled. On May 10th, an X1.5-class solar flare produced the first sunquake of Solar Cycle 25. It was like an earthquake albeit orders of magnitude more powerful. See the movie on today’s edition of

Ydun Ritz (2022-05-14)


2GN Goulburn.
Apparently the official 2GN AM switch off date is about 13/6/22, which follows about a month of FM simulcasting on 1368kHz and a few final days of loop tape. This matches how it has been done with other AM to FM conversion stations.

Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2022-05-13)

United States

WBOB 600 kHz MAINTENANCE TEST — Saturday Midnight to 3 AM Eastern Time (0400-0700 UTC) 

Late word arrives via Paul Walker, a broadcaster and member of the Courtesy Program Committee, that WBOB 600 kHz in Jacksonville, FL will be doing some maintenance testing in about 24 hours, starting at Midnight, Saturday morning May 14 until 0300 Eastern Time. 
No word on what programming will consist of, nor do we have any QSL information. However, this is a great chance to log this station. 
There is also a possibility of another maintenance test from the station starting at Midnight on Sunday morning and running until 0300 Monday morning. But no decision has been made yet. 
More details as we receive them. Please circulate this news widely on social media, email lists, etc. 

WBOB AM Coverage Map

Les Rayburn, N1LF to mwcircle iog (2022-05-13)


Grigoriopol: Today at 19.50 UTC all 3 on 999, 1413 & 1548 are with powerhouse signal. Of course all 3 are with 1 MW. Acc to my source in T-nistria they in really are using 3×1000 KW.
On 873 & 1494 the usual Mon-Fri program “Panarama dnya” (Panorama of the Day) at 18-18.15 was replaced with nx in Romanian at 18.00-18.05.

Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria to MWlist iog (2022-05-12))

United States

De La Hunt Media has performed a double flip at its stations in Walker MN.
Classic Hits 1570 KAKK/93.7 K229DJ Walker has flipped to Sports utilizing Fox Sports Radio. KAKK is running the national lineup around the clock as well as carrying Minnesota Wild hockey.
Concurrently, Soft AC “KQ 102” 101.9 KQKK Walker has picked up the Classic Hits mantle as it is now branding as “101.9 The Arrow” positioned as “Leech Lakes’ Classic Hits”.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-05-11)


Since this evening, Channel Chaine 3 from Algeria has been back on air with the usual field strength and good audio quality on 252 kHz after a long time.
As a result, interference with RTE radio from Ireland on the same frequency is more or less ubiquitous again.
(Above Google translated from German)

Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2022-05-11)


Grigoriopol-Mayak: I have followed them fairly regularly and I have noticed only those two longer outages for 1413 and 999 kHz. The first time the break was in the morning and then also 621 kHz went off. The second time it started after 1700 and then also 1548 kHz was off.
They can be heard with good signal here in Finland during darkness hours and even at daytime on carrier level. If there is any specific day in the past that interests you, I can check TOH recordings. At the moment
both 999 and 1413 kHz are on the air, 999 kHz stronger.

Mauno Ritola, MWlist iog (2022-05-11)