Germany has started the project Cohiradia long ago using Videorecorders to conservate historical radio bands on MW, LW or SW. COHIRADIA stands as acronym for COnservation of HIstorical RAdiofrequency bands by DIgital A rchiving.
The developement of 14Bit-DSPs in RSP1a or StemLab 25-14 (Red Pitaya) has improved the project a lot, because the dynamic range can reach as much as 80dB. VCR recordings were limited to about 40dB.
Using these recordings everybody is able to feed his old radio with a real radio spectrum. If you don´t have the hardware, you can listen to the recordings by free software like SDR#. It is worth to have a look in the future, because the library will grow.

Walter Barteczek (2022-05-25)

United States

Jose Villafane’s Costa Media Boston is expanding to Washington DC with the $800,000 purchase of Christian Preaching 1220 WFAX ( W264DB Falls Church VA from Newcomb Broadcasting Corporation.
An LMA will take effect ahead of closing on July 1.
WFAX was founded by Lamar and Genevieve Newcomb in 1948. Their daughter Doris Newcomb has owned the station since 1970.
The whole story here

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-05-24)


RTL France on 234 kHz in Beidweiller.
More mixed speech of RTL on the stop of the long waves. The station recognizes that “The audience of RTL via the long waves is still important”. To this day, no more stop date exists. We are even talking about 10 years, 5 years or 3 years!
The station will, however, continue to suspend its broadcast between 12:30 a.m. or 1 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. or 5 a.m. During this time slot, the station rebroadcasts programs of the day.
The station accuses the genes of reception “following the jamming caused by computer screens and any other equipment”!
She also claims that the transmitter settings have not been changed, while the power has been reduced by five, compared to the glory days.

Michel FREMY to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-05-24)


A rather weak Spanish speaking station was heard in Sydney, Australia on 1510 kHz, using 20m KAZ pointing to Central America, on 21 May. It was audible only for a short span of time past 20:30 PM Sydney time, and disappeared minutes after 21:00 PM, which makes it more interesting to ID it, as most CA/SA that were heard so far at this location/ on this antenna had their carriers audible for a longer time. I have recorded the ID announcement at the top of the hour at 21:00 PM, after the word “salud” it says “radio” and then (most likely) the name of the station that my untrained ears fail to ID. There are quite a few candidates on the mwlist, unfortunately I was not able to find any correlation. I wonder if anyone on the MediumWave might be able to ID the station? I have attached a short recording file. 
Many thanks in advance.

Tomas, VK2CCC, Sydney (2022-05-23)


MWlist’s database shows wrong time for 657, 1278 and 1404 kHz. All these are used 24 hours a day. There is also an English language slot at around 00:01-00:05 UTC on all four active frequencies (657, 873, 1278, 1404).

Alexander Miatlikov (formerly Diadischev), Dniprorudne, Ukraine to MWlist iog (2022-05-23)


Grupo Cadena has ceased broadcast operations on its stations in Tijuana and Mexicali MX as it moves its brands online.
The company’s Spanish News/Talk “Cadena” brand that had been heard on 800 XESPN and 1550 XEBG Tijuana and 1190 XEMBC Mexicali is now and promoting that its programming will also be seen on its YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram, as well as streaming. 
More here

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-05-22)


The designated frequency for “Radio Blackbeard” is probably 1494 khz, although this station sounds better to me on 1495 khz. on my car radio. “Radio Blackbeard” seems to only broadcast daily  between 14.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs. B.S.T. (15.00 hrs. and 17.00 hrs. C.E.T.), including to-day (Sunday).

Martin Wilson (2022-05-22)