Germany has started the project Cohiradia long ago using Videorecorders to conservate historical radio bands on MW, LW or SW. COHIRADIA stands as acronym for COnservation of HIstorical RAdiofrequency bands by DIgital A rchiving.
The developement of 14Bit-DSPs in RSP1a or StemLab 25-14 (Red Pitaya) has improved the project a lot, because the dynamic range can reach as much as 80dB. VCR recordings were limited to about 40dB.
Using these recordings everybody is able to feed his old radio with a real radio spectrum. If you don´t have the hardware, you can listen to the recordings by free software like SDR#. It is worth to have a look in the future, because the library will grow.

Walter Barteczek (2022-05-25)