Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (hereinafter – LRTK) in 2022 June 8 declared that
the tender for the license to retransmit the radio program for retransmission of the radio program using the 1557 kHz radio frequency in Sitkūnai had not been successful, as no application had been submitted to participate in it.
The LRTK decided to announce this competition again.
The main operating conditions of the electronic communications network using the 1577 kHz radio frequency in Sitkūnai are the following:

  • The user of the radio channel is the Lithuanian Radio and Television Center AB (legal entity code 120505210).
  • Radio frequency (channel) – 1557 kHz.
  • Radio channel usage area – Sitkūnai, Kaunas district.

The deadline for applications for this competition is 2022. June 20.

Michel FREMY to WOR iog (2022-06-09)