On June 18, 2022, the Radio Svoboda Krym.Realii project resumed cooperation with Ukrainian Radio. Now, every Saturday at 2:40 pm Kyiv time, Crimeans can listen to Krym.Realii radio programs again.
Dmytro Khorkin, a member of the board of Public, responsible for radio and television platforms, said that a backup transmitter at 1278 kHz was currently operating, and the radio signal covered the entire south and peninsula of Crimea. “Broadcasting in the occupied territories is very important for Ukrainian radio, because radio is the only media whose signal can be transmitted over long distances.
So far, we have included a 1278 kHz backup transmitter, the location of which I cannot disclose that this transmitter covers the whole south and the Crimean peninsula with its radio signal. We are glad to resume cooperation with the editorial office of Krym.Realii. “Ukrainian radio will soon broadcast its own project” Public “” Crimean Question “, which will be produced by journalists of the channel” Public Crimea “and the editorial board of” Ukrainian Radio Crimea “, who work in Kyiv,” said Khorkin.
However, on February 24, in the first hours of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military cut off broadcasting, and in early March removed the transmitter from Chongar in the direction of the occupied Crimea. 

Steve Whitt, July-August Medium Wave News via WOR iog (2022-07-05)