New Zealand

At the end of July, Radio New Zealand are closing the Waipapakauri Northland 837 AM transmitter that carries RNZ National to the Far North. However the Lower Northland Otaika (Whangare) transmitter synchronised on 837 AM will remain in operation.

The Waipapakauri site has been plagued with theft, anything that could be pinched has been, also the tower and guys need replacing so I guess the cost to benefit ratio has regarding listeners and maintenance come into play. According to the letterbox flyer: “costs of replacement are very high and RNZ has alternative FM radio coverage which overlaps with some of the coverage from this site”. (Nick Wallace)

“A few years ago during a bad weather event, power was lost to all FM transmission sites in the Far North. Civil Defence info was only available on AM transmitters powered by backup diesel generators. Have things improved, or could this situation arise again? Presumably CD were consulted about this?” (Barry Hartley)

Newstalk ZB on 1026 kHz will probably go off air as well, as it is dual coupled to the same mast at Waipapakauri. (Barry Hartley)
This will leave the synchro’d Otaika Whangarei outlet on the frequency.

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