LT32 Radio Chivilcoy 1550khz taken off air twice due to vandalism/metal thieves.

Exactly one week ago, Radio Chivilcoy was affected in its usual programming by a power outage at the plant caused by criminals who literally ripped out the cables and the box on the way down.
This caused Radio Chivilcoy and FM Sónica to be off the air for more than four hours, until personnel from the station and from the internet supply company that has its equipment in the tower located on Rossetti and 102nd Street were able to repair the damage.
Today, seven days after this event, such an act of vandalism is repeated, once again leaving the two most important radio stations in the city off the air, again in hours close to noon, this, in addition to the damage it causes to the media, is an act highly dangerous since in such a place the electrical tension that is handled is 380 volts.
Those who have carried out this violation may or may not be aware of the high risk to their lives. 14 July 2022

Background info dated 2018:
LT32 RADIO CHIVILCOY (AM 1550 KHz) is one of the oldest Amplitude Modulation stations in the Province of Buenos Aires, having completed 45 years of uninterrupted work in the Buenos Aires ether last March. The station originates from the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 5500 of November 26, 1971, through which the corresponding license was awarded to the company called “Emisoras Radiales SC”, made up of Messrs. Rafael Alberto Mónaco, Agustín Domingo Guasco , Alberto Rubén Falcone and Alfonso A. Lombardo, formally beginning their regular broadcasts on March 10, 1973. LT32’s central studios are located on Avenida Miter 924, in the city of Chivilcoy, Province of Buenos Aires. Its Transmission Plant is located in a fifth near the Studios, where a 50-meter-high radiating mast was erected, using a 1 Kw power transmitter. 
The station’s telephone numbers are currently: (2346) 43-0690 and 43-3707. 
E-mail: <>. 
The station does not have a website, although it is on the social network < >. 
It has a complementary Modulated Frequency service called Sonic FM at 101.1 MHz.

Steve Whitt, mwcircle iog (2022-07-18)