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The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has started the license round for radio frequencies, where the application period expires at the end of August. The tour includes 92 FM frequencies and three medium wave frequencies to 49 locations. Radio entrepreneurs and communities can apply for program licenses for new radio activities or to
complement the coverage areas of existing radio stations. Most frequencies are available for northern and eastern Finland.

The frequencies 963 and 1485 are in Pori, 648 kHz in Tampere.

  • Through the license rounds, Traficom supports the development of the radio operators’ networks and the expansion of services to new areas or new operators. With the new ones
    The FM frequencies will also give citizens across the country new content to listen to on their radios and the diversity of regionally broadcast programs will increase, says Traficom’s press release.

The new permits to be granted are valid until the end of 2029, as are the current permits.
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