Lithuania will start broadcasting a Russian-language, Netherlands-registered radio station, Radio Pravda, which will be accessible to audiences in Russia, Belarus, and elsewhere.
“These are broadcasts for Russian-speaking audiences, the waves travel far, and the programme is broadcast from 20:00 to midnight,” Valdas Kaminskas, a spokesperson for the Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre (Telecentras), told BNS.
“The broadcasts are aimed against disinformation, against war, to compensate for Russia’s anti-Ukrainian propaganda,” he added. The programme will be picked up as far as Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan, according to Kaminskas.
Radio Pravda will be broadcast from Sitkūnai in central Lithuania.

The Sitkūnai radio station originally came online in 1950 and then played a major role during the January 1991 events. In their attempts to topple the Lithuanian government, which had declared in March 1990, Soviet troops occupied the Lithuanian Radio and Television building and the TV Tower in Vilnius.
Lithuania’s broadcasts then moved temporarily to the Sitkūnai station. It ceased broadcasting medium-wave programmes in 2003 before being shut down entirely eight years ago.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-08-12)