South Korea

I received MW of six local stations of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in South Korea, which is scheduled to be effectively shut down on September 8 Korea Time, from the night to early morning on August 20 to 23 Japan Time in Tokyo, Japan.

All stations have a local Station ID at 59:30 every hour. The national anthem, the opening announcement, etc. are made from 0455 to 0500 Korea time (1955-2000 UTC).
” ” in parentheses is the name of the station that is actually announced on the Station ID.
Wonju MBC: “Wonju Munhwa Bangsong”. 1242kHz HLSB
Mokpo MBC: “Mokpo MBC Radio”,”Mokpo Munhwa Bangsong”. 1386kHz HLAM
Yeosu MBC: “Yeosu Munhwa Bangsong”. 1080kHz HLAT
Busan MBC: “Busan MBC Radio”,”Busan Munhwa Bangsong”. 1161kHz HLKU
Chuncheon MBC or Jeju MBC. 774kHz. Chuncheon: HLAN, Jeju: HLAJ

Koji Shimotori to FB group (2022-08-23)