A directional antenna (заря) has been removed between 2020 and 2022 in Raduga.
55.48307284288803, 83.67691674068469
The pictures without it are only visible on Google Earth.

The other big antennas are still there, but the feeder line to the
antenna at 55.50077304118461, 83.69706165025853 seems to be removed.

Many small antennas, maybe these with the white parts (for me it
looks like this), were removed, but years ago.
55.50011978410891, 83.69463693320166
55.50058769963016, 83.69420777975223
55.498928701308486, 83.69193326649717
55.49863396352965, 83.69248580156335
55.49747656309316, 83.70359817188618
55.49534642268964, 83.70339432400182

For me it looks like this type, but this is just a guess/rumor.

The feeder of the other directional Zarya also seems to be removed:
55.49841548995348, 83.70675244973961

Marco (2022-09-12)