Radio Museum

I would like to inform you about an activity which is maybe interesting for you/your webpage in this context. As a passionate radio enthusiast and member of I have initiated the project COHIRADIA which aims at conserving whole AM broadcasting bands (raw broadband signals) containing all stations active at a certain time. My archive is still small but growing and dates back to 2006 when, among others, German, Dutch, Swiss and French MW and LW transmitters were still active.

On Sept. 10th I recorded many hours of the MW band with an RSP1A SDR (overall more than 120 GB) and (so far) archived the part with the last hour of RAI MW on two files:

RAI_MW_theEND_lasthour.wav  (64 min 18GB)

RAI_MW_theEND_incl_anthem.wav (approx 13 min, short version, 4GB)

These files can be played back by any interested person on a PC with software like SDRUno or SDR#. Several Italian stations, especially on 900 and 657 kHz, can be listened to until the very end with the Italian Anthem conducted by Fabio Luisi and the 24:00 time signal. So they may complement the Audio file which was added on 11-09 ( Kai Ludwig to WOR iog). People who possess a STEMLAB125-14 by Redpitaya can even play back and tune through on old analogue radios.

In the next weeks I will also add recordings from 10th of August when I took a Ferry to Greece from Venice and recorded the MW band with most Italian transmitters both during daytime and nighttime.

I would be happy if you find my contribution interesting enough for a short comment in your very informative webpage.

Best regards

Hermann Scharfetter, OE6TWF (2022-09-13)