Radio Nacional Comodoro Rivadavia 670kHz has been taken off air by an act of vandalism reported on 13 Sept.

This weekend a robbery in the area of ​​antennas affected the historic station LRA11. This morning, its director Erika Freire in dialogue with LU4 Nacional Patagonia referred to the difficulty they are going through.

“During the weekend someone took the trouble to remove copper material that for us is important for the operation of the radio, from where the groundings that protect our equipment are, we decided with the operational management to turn off the AM to do not put the radio equipment at risk. We are not so concerned about the economic value of copper, but the one that the radio has on the air, we arrive with rural communications, we reach the workers on board, that is the great value of AM”.

Regarding the estimated time for the normalization of the transmission, Freire indicated that there are no foreseen deadlines, recalling that work continues for FM and thanked the human group that accompanies it. “Yesterday we had a very complex and sad day with the National team, a team that yesterday was predisposed to the task, we feel very supported”.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-09-15)