The mysterious 1592.3 [kHz] (SDR: http://sv8ajn.ddns.net:8901/ ) was permanently on air since my last mail, but with different stations. last night they played Greek folk music. At the moment “1.FM Classic Rock” is running there. (compare here: https://www.1.fm/ ).

I guess this is not a terrestrial AM station, the SDR’s operator converts a satellite or online audio stream using a small home AM tx there 🙁

An other suspicious tx on this WebSDR is on 1440 kHz with an empty carrier at the moment, until 21.45 CEST (19:45 UTC) electronic music (techno?) was to hear there. Proably a pirate?

P.S. From time to time heavy distortions for a few seconds appear when the operator is on air with his amateur radio.

Nils Düwel (2022-09-08)