Oct 28 – Was extremely happy today to actually catch the choral National Anthem from Radio Kiribati
on 846 kHz.; listening from tune in at 0717 till xmtr off at 0741 UT. Finally able to confirm for myself
that I have been listening to Radio Kiribati! Thanks again to Bruce Portzer for his helpful info!
0717-0723 UT: Non-stop songs in English.
0723-0728: open carrier/dead air.
0728-0730: Another pop song; never heard any announcements today, as is normally the case near closing down time.
0731-0733: Choral National Anthem (brief audio attached of a portion of NA); identical to the one as recorded by Bruce Portzer for the sign off on 1440 kHz., on Oct 12.
0733-0741: Open carrier/dead air till xmtr turned off.

Ron Howard to WOR iog (2022-10-28)