The Mekele mediumwave facility:

It had in August 2021 been reactivated on 1359 kHz. Informations about the current state of this frequency would of course be of use.

That Radio Wegahta, broadcast on 918 kHz until 2017 or 2018, was an anti-Eritrea clandestine station. It would be a question for insiders if the specified charity was more than a puppet. I would, honestly, be surprised if this “product” was not commissioned by Ethiopia’s federal government of the time.

Of course this clandestine station disappeared at the latest when Abiy came into power and struck the big reconciliation with Afewerki. I do not remember reports about a reuse of the frequency – until now. Have not checked out or noticed so far the “similar audio” recording from 2019.

Remember the ongoing war that is of no interest to the first world, since there is so far no influx of refugees. I would thus start with the question whether the new transmissions come again from Tigray or perhaps this time from a transmitter under Abiy control.

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2022-10-30)