Dan Sys’ rwcrn page has alerted me to the very recent announcement that 540 CBT Grand Falls, Newfoundland will move to FM on 31st December.

CBC’s Radio One in Grand Falls NL (CBT) will leave AM for 93.3FM on 31st December. CBT started originally on 1350kHz in July 1949 with 1kW. CBT moved to 540kHz in 1965 and the power increased to 10kW. CBC applied to the CRTC to move to 93.3FM with 100kW in July 2021, the move* was granted on 26th January 2022. In granting the move, the CRTC stated that they received no interventions to the proposal. The new FM station is located in Botwood, about 25km north-east of the existing AM site which is in Grand Falls itself. CBT-FM was reported on air on 3rd November and CBC say that 540 will close on 31st December.

CBT vacating 540 will leave the 50kW CBC Radio One CBK in Watrous, Saskatchewan as the sole remaining high-power CBC Radio One outlet on 540kHz. NB there are two LPRTs, each of 40W, in British Columbia (source: own records, rwcrn, CBC website and

It would be good to see a few logs of this station published in DX Loggings before it goes silent. With it being relatively common I feel it likely that CBT is under-reported in DX Loggings. One thing is for certain, unless there is a change of plan there will be no logs of CBT in 2023. That may mean more logs of CBK, but I am not placing any money on that outcome!

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2022-11-04)