Moldova / Transnistria

621 kHz from Republic of Pridnestrowie does (in contradiction against most listings) indeed relay a mix of both, 1st program “Radio One” (format with lots of recent dance and uptempo house tracks in english language and some russian dance + long talk episodes about history) which is mostly on before 16 hours UTC and 2nd program “Radio One Plus” (soviet times schlager and shanson in russian language) after the news at 17 hours UTC

This nice, exotic signal (it is a domestic station of a country which doesnt exist in the opinion of most western state governments) can now during winter period be heard in Europe from 15 hours UTC until the s/off around 16:19 UTC.
News and weather on top of each hour, mentioning the time in Tiraspol, the self-claimed capital of Republic of Pridnestrowie.

Easy comparison possibility with live stream of both networks available online (
ID of 1st program is “pervoe radio” , ID of 2nd program is “Radio Adin Pliyus”
Republic of Pridnestrowie is a part of Moldovan territory, located on the right banks of the river Dnestr.

QSL reports are sometimes answered by a beautiful, stamped DIN A4 certificate in full color on thick paper, postcards added.

Horst (2022-11-04)