Radio208 is back on the air on 1440 kHz broadcasting with 400 Watts from Ishøj, Copenhagen.   In parallel to 5970 kHz (100 Watts) from Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

The old CCA 1 kW transmitter from 1974 is no longer in use. The tubes and driver tubes were worn out, and they would have been rather expensive to replace. Besides, the old tube transmitter consumed a lot of electricity. So the use of this transmitter ceased a few months ago. A spare 75 Watts transmitter was put into use on August 11th, but this transmitter broke down about a month later. A new transistorized transmitter was ordered, and this has now been put into service today Saturday from around midday.

Broadcasting hours on 1440 kHz is now 0400-2400 UTC.  Broadcasting hours on 5970 kHz and via Internet streaming remain 24 hours 7 days a week.

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2022-11-05)