South Korea

According to the Korean web site “Namwiki” based in Uruguay, 10 Korean MW stations will close on November 8 2022. The official date of the abolition will be May 8 2023.

MBC stations
Daejon 765kHz HLCQ 10kW
Ulsan 846kHz HLAU 10kW
Seoul 900kHz HLKV 50kW
Chongwon 990kHz HLAF 10kW
Pohang 1107kHz HLAT 10kW
Chongju 1287kHz HLAX 10kW

CBS stations
Gwanju 999kHz HLCL 10kW
Jeonbuk 1314kHz HLCM 10kW
Busan 1404kHz HLKP 10kW

Seoul 792kHz HLSQ 50kW

MBC already closed the following stations.
September 8 2022; Chuncheon 774,  Jeju 774,  Yeosu 1080,  Busan 1161,  Wonju 1242, Samcheok 1350
Mokpo 1386 
December 12 2021; Andong 1017,  Jinju 1215
May 1 2020; Chungju 1332
February 1 2020; Daegu 810
MBC-Gwangju HLCN 819kHz 20kW and MBC-Jeonju HLCX 855kHz 10kW have no plan to close.
CBC already closed Daegu 1251kHz on December 12 2021, and they are now planning to close Seoul HLKY 837kHz 50kW.
FEBC, AFN, and 756AM (for North Korea) will continue to use medium wave.

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Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo Japan to WOR iog (2022-11-05)