United States

States of emergency declared
The governors of Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and Oklahoma have declared states of emergency. The city of Buffalo, New York has declared an emergency as well, and will be closing its schools on Friday.
Other states, like Maryland, have activated emergency response operations ahead of the storm, while others have opened warming shelters.
In Colorado, the Denver Coliseum, an indoor arena, has been converted into a warming centre.
On Thursday, US President Joe Biden said his administration has contacted the governors of 26 affected states and that the federal government is prepared to offer help where needed.
He also encouraged people to avoid travelling as the conditions worsen. “Please take this storm extremely seriously,” Mr Biden said.

This might means some stations are forced off air (that could be due loss of electricity or by snow drifts burying the bases of antenna masts; heavy snow can stop satellite feeds to transmitter sites due to snow filling dishes) or decide to operate on higher power or extended hours or with special programming.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-12-22)