United Kingdom

Greatest Hits Radio. 1530 is on the air as I write – it’s only about 45 miles from here – but with a loop; no music. A survey of the remaining GHR outlets this morning shows:

Normal programmes:
990    Doncaster  (GHR South Yorkshire)
1152    Newcastle  (GHR North East) – and the GHR clone Clyde 2
1305    Barnsley (GHR South Yorkshire)
1548    Sheffield – not heard here but the GHR clone Forth 2 was heard

Closedown Loop:
1170    Stoke (GHR Staffordshire and Cheshire)
1170    Stockton (GHR Teesside)
1278    Bradford (GHR West Yorkshire)
1530    Huddersfield (GHR West Yorkshire)

Closedown loops also heard on all Absolute Radio channels – 1197, 1215, 1233, 1242 and 1260. These loops are all the same, saying closing on 20th January.

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2023-01-18)