Radio Sputnik 1089 kHz Krasnodar

Reports indicate this test transmission completed and ended earlier today.

Here is a summary from the station operator.

“Dear friends! Thanks to everyone who took part in the test. More than 150 emails have come in, and more are coming. I’ll try to answer everyone.

In the evening or night, I will finally study your messages, videos and photographs, and compile tables with data on admission. Ready-made results will be considered in Moscow and, of course, at the very center.

It is worth noting that the sports radio station TalkSport operates at a frequency of 1089 kHz. Her broadcast influenced the reception of the Sputnik from the Kuban Center. Using a different frequency is not possible, so we proceed from what we have today.

The signal was broadcast using an antenna 197 meters high. Circular Directional Diagram.

On February 1, there was a technical downtime caused by the failure of one of the lamps (tubes/valves) in the output stage. The staff on duty replaced the GU88A lamp and the transmitter returned to the air. More emergency situations for two days did not happen. The last time the RV-681transmitter went on the air was almost 9 years ago. Today’s test is the result of several months of restoration of the lamp giant, launched in 1989.

Since the equipment had been dismantled at the center for several years, only one working transmitter remained – the medium-wave RV-681. The dismantling of currently unclaimed transmitters (including shortwave ones) continues now. But the one that sounded on the air for two days now has immunity.

There are no further broadcast decisions yet. We wait.

By cards. Dear friends, there were a lot of applicants. The cards will be reprinted and gradually sent to their listeners. I prepare them for you from my salary. Therefore, patience. Everyone will get everything.”

Steve Whitt, mwcircle iog (2023-02-03)