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I just got word that KID 590 Idaho Falls ID is gone. The property owner would not renew the lease, so the license was turned in. Wow!
Another one. Glad I got that one years ago during a Winter day. KID was rare here. A nice verie letter too.
Then KFXD-630 Boise has down graded as they are only going to use one tower, will be something like 38 watts at night.
Then gone are the two stations in Las Vegas. They are dying like flies. Who is next?
There tower property can be worth millions, often it is more valuable than an AM station.

Patrick Martin to irca iog (2023-03-05)

KID 590 has been off the air for probably a year or more. We went to the tower site last September when we were in the area on vacation and taking radio and TV photos for my johninarizona.com website. The towers were gone, and you could see where the transmitter building had been.

John Johnson to irca iog (2023-03-05)