In Italy there’s no “authority” ruling over frequency assignment. Full stop.

Original RAI MW frequencies blocks and geographical sites have been auctioned to a variety of small “broadcast entrepreneurs” who then decide everything, changing frequencies and locations simply as a function of the crappy equipment they can rely upon at the moment. No editorial or business plans, beyond some nostalgic gibberish, very limited financial means, lots of expenses they cannot possibly afford in the long term.

When their belly calls they move frequency, notify ITU BR IFIC (nobody cares anyway, because all over Europe MW stations close down without anybody noticing but DXers) and move on, for the sake of themselves and a couple hundreds of aged radio buffs. The few *really* serious DXers around (there’re not twenty of us, believe me) can do little. 

This time we have been fortunate enough to have the operator of the (self)assigned 1350 who used to befriend Dario Monferini and has proved to be sensible about his memory and our DX goals. We should be grateful for this: many valuable channels are otherwise continuously at risk or already compromised. 

After a life of local and European QRM at our latitudes we simply wonder if all this will outlast what remains of a dying band, or will leave us with a short window of opportunity in spite of an ever increasing noise. Too bad because thanks to SDR and remotisation, we know DX reception here could be serious indeed. 

Andy Lawendel, living at a short distance from a not-so-low powered Z100 to nordx iog (2023-03-07)