IRCA Reprints

The International Radio Club’s Reprints collection of over 1100 articles about antennas, radio propagation, receivers, accessories, plus items of general interest to MW DXers, continues to grow.   We’ve published an update to the index, at , so that everyone can get access to these latest additions.  (also accessible
at “Free IRCA Reprints” button)

The latest update includes items from DX Monitor up the end of June 2022. as well as many items of interest from elsewhere, used with permission.

Added items in this update are marked “(NEW)”,  plus there are a few updated articles as well.

Please pass on this information to others as you see fit. (if you’ve used the index before, you may need to refresh your
browser page to see the latest update, dated December 2022)

Nick Hall-Patch, Victoria, BC, Canada (2023-03-21)