Welcome to this 4.2 edition of “List of private MW stations in Italy”. by Antonello Napolitano

Unlike other lists that you can find over the Internet, this
publication only lists stations currently on the air, expected to start operation very soon or temporarily off-air. Also included
is information on how to contact the stations (E-mail and Web sites), QSL policies and, when known, transmitter powers
and future plans. I have compiled this list by assembling information received directly from the stations and my own
research. I have done my best to keep mistakes to a minimum.

Almost all of Italian MW stations are licensed. Despite this, solid data on hours of transmission, programmes, frequencies,
and contacts are difficult to obtain because station practices themselves change often. Another point to be mentioned is
the fact that frequencies sometimes change, and new ones or old ones appear or reappear. Some stations, especially
those unlicensed, are not on the air daily and/or the frequencies rarely tend to be used all the day.
Most stations operate from the North of Italy (especially from the regions of Lombardia, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia),
a few from the central part of the country (Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo) and, after the
disappearance a number of years ago of Gold 1593 located in Sicily, virtually none from the South.
The details below have been updated based on my own monitoring reports from my location in Leporano near Taranto
(South of Italy) and via a websdr located near Malvaglia in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, as well as on logs from a number
of DXers, Fabrizio Magrone, Roberto Pavanello and others, all of them (unlike to me) living in the North of Italy that
appeared recently in various Facebook groups and/or online DX publications.

I am also aware about other stations which have planned to start as soon as possible broadcasts on medium wave but –
for the time being – they have been omitted. This list will probably be regularly updated and more details will be added in
future. If you have any corrections, additions, comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to write to: – Last but not least: if you find any error (and you are invited to let me know) be advised that it was
absolutely unintentional! Antonello Napolitano.

Licensed and unofficial independent broadcasting stations on mediumwave (*L* means Licensed)
Freq. Station Transmitter Location, Region of Italy

01) 603 Nuova Radio AM*# L Spoltore, PE. Abruzzo
02) 711 Media Radio Castellana* L Castel San Pietro Terme BO. Emilia-Romagna
03) 819 Is Good For You*U L Trieste. Friuli Venezia Giulia
04) 846 Radio Luce # L Grottaferrata RM. Lazio
05) 918 AM Italia L Villa Estense PD. Veneto
06) 927 Power 9-2-7 L Abbiategrasso MI. Lombardia
07) 1017 Amica Radio Veneta* L Vigonza, PD Veneto
11) 1071 Media Veneta Radio/Radio Attiva* L Piove di Sacco PD. Veneto
02) 1098 Media Radio Castellana* L Castel San Pietro Terme BO. Emilia-Romagna
08) 1188 Radio Studio X* L Momigno, PT. Toscana
09) 1206 Viva La Radio Emozioni ItalianeI L Lazise, VR. Veneto
10) 1233 Milano XR* Magenta, MI. Lombardia
05) 1323 AM Italia L Villa Estense PD. Veneto
12) 1350 Radio Z 100 Milano AM* L Linate, MI. Lombardia.
13) 1359 Regional Radio* U L Viterbo. Lazio.
13) 1395 Regional Radio* I L Settebagni, RM. Lazio.
14) 1404 Radio Canzoni Sorrisi # L Casalgrande RE. Emilia-Romagna
13) 1440 Regional Radio* U L Narni TN. Umbria
13) 1440 Regional Radio* L Rieti. Lazio
13) 1485 Regional Radio* L Terni. Umbria
08) 1485 Radio Studio X* U L Livorno. Toscana
14) 1485 Radio Luce I L Ascoli Piceno. Marche
15) 1503 RadioDiffusione Europea* L Trieste. Friuli Venezia Giulia
16) 1512 Radio Lago Trasimeno # L Torgiano, PG. Umbria
17) 1566 Radio Kolbe* L Schio, VI. Veneto
18) 1584 Radio Piterpan* L Vicenza Veneto
08) 1584 Radio Studio X* L Arezzo. Toscana
19) 1602 Radio a Colori L Bologna Emilia Romagna
20) 1602 RTV Radio Treviso IR L Treviso Veneto
21) 1602 Dot Radio*# L Spello, PG. Perugia
(L) Licensed. (I) Inactive at time of editing. (U) Not confirmed recently. (*) Also Webstreams. (#) Active, according to
info posted recently on Facebook. However, this could not be independently verified. (IR) Irregular.

E-mails. QSL policy, Web, Facebook, Postal Addresses and other information

1. E-mail: FB: Web:
2. E-mail: Web: Address: Via della Resistenza 34, 40024
Castel San Pietro Terme, BO, Italy.
3. E-mail: Web: Whatsapp: +39 340 799 3026. Also on FM on 93.90
MHz (Trieste). Project coordinator: Matteo Sandri.
4. E-mail: NA. Web NA Address: Radio Luce, Via Ugo Bassi 36, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto. Tel +39 0735 584594. Inactive
at time of editing!
5. E-mail: eQSL Web: Whatsapp: +39 351 9986129. AM Italia is a leisure
time operation. They also broadcast on 207 kHz (Long wave) to commemorate Guglielmo Marconi. Project Coordinator:
Maurizio Anselmo. On 918 kHz flexible schedule depending on airtime sales. On 1323 kHz carries programmes in English
from IRRS SW, daily from 18.00 to 22.10 UTC.
6. E-mail: E-mail message. FB:

7. E-mail N.A. Web: FB: – Tel.:
+39 049 738 79 87 Whatsapp: +39 351 99 15 860. Address: Via Paradisi, 35010 Vigonza PD, Italy.
8. E-mail: eQSL. FB: Web:
Address: Via Mammianese 687, 51010 Marliana PT. Also on FM on 87.30, 96.55 and 105.50 MHz.
9. E-mail address: Web: Test were made recently. Current status unclear. FB: and
10. E-mail: eQSL. FB: Twitter:
Web: and
11. E-mail: E-mail text. Web: FB: Tel. (Radio
Attiva) +39.389.6380846. As from 1830 hours UTC relays This is Radio Legendary Sound 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s.
12. E-Mail: V. by eQSL. Address: Piazza della Vittoria, 27100 Pavia, PV. Web (currently in
maintenance mode!): On air from 07.00 to 23.00 UTC.
13. E-mail: V. by eQSL Web: Tel. +39 +39 06 811
53 603. WhatsApp: +39 351 59 800 83.
14. E-mail: NA. Web: FB: Address. via Laura
Bassi Veratti n° 6, 40137 Bologna, Italy. FM station which broadcasts on: 94.700 (Bologna) 105.900 (Province of Modena)
and 105.900 MHz (Modena).
15. E-mail: V. by eQSL. Web: FB: Tel: +39 040314772. Address: Via
Franca 10, 34123 Trieste, Italy.
16. E-mail, Web and FB NA. Relays programmes from Dot Radio.
17. E-mail: V. Rarely by E-mail. Web: Also active on
FM: 94.100 MHz (Schio and North of Vicenza province) 92.350 MHz (Lonigo and South of Vicenza province), 93.500 MHz
(Asiago and Altopiano dei 7 Comuni), 92.400 MHz (Agno Valley).
18. E-mail: Web Address: Via delle Mimose, 12, 31033 Castelfranco Veneto
TV. Tel. +39 0423 73 66 24 Whatsapp: +39 393 736 6240
19. E-mail: FB: Web: Operated
by NGO “I colori del Navile”, Address: Via Aristotele Fioravanti 68, 40129 Bologna. Phone: +39 338 860.27.23
20. E-mail: Tel. +39 333.706.66.99.
21. E-mail: eQSL. Web: FB: Twitter: Instagram Tel.: +39 0742 436 030. Address: Via G. Di
Vittorio 11, 06038 Spello PG, Italy.

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