COHIRADIA now provides a wideband IQ-recording of the complete medium wave band between 20:51 and 21:49 UTC which contains ca 1 hour of the historical transmission of Radio Dechovka from Zbraslav at 1233 kHz. As reported by Kai Ludwig (May 15) this was the last transmission from this site in the context of the 100th anniversary of Czech radio.

In addition a sub-band version between 1150 and 1275 kHz with a length of 216 min. has been provided by Walter Barteczek. Between 21:00 and 22:43 there is a documentation about ‘100 years of regular broadcasting in Czechia’.
The data files can be downloaded, played back and tuned through digitally with SDRs. Analogue playback and tune-through is also possible on classical/historical radio receivers with antenna jack when using e.g. the RedPitaya-based platform supported by COHIRADIA
Interested radio collectors and amateurs are invited to step by and have a look.

Hermann Scharfetter, OE6TWF ( (2023-05-21)


The surrounding issue has been very much in the news recently.
When the update to the International Broadcast part of WRTH was published I was startled to see the new 400kW transmitter at Phước Dinh operating on 1071kHz mentioned there. The town is on the East coast of the country.
Asiawaves has the details of the VOV5 broadcasts in English and Mandarin.
The clue is in mention of that language.
In short, the Chinese have been sending their huge navy all over the South China Sea.
The Spratly islands have no less than 4 nations claiming bits of it. Vietnam has control over the main island called Spratly.
Therefore VOV5 is sending out the signal at 135 degrees to “persuade” Chinese sailors not to over step their activities. Also the idea is to serve Vietnamese civilians in those far flung islands.
Fascinating stuff hopefully to explain an unusual use of a transmitter.

Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts iog (2023-05-21)

Space Weather

SURPRISE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Surprising forecasters, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field last night. The resulting geomagnetic storm sparked naked-eye auroras across many northern-tier US states with photographic auroras descending all the way down to mid-latitudes. The event may have been caused by a near-miss CME. Full story @

Ydun Ritz (2023-05-20)


Re. Czechia
According to the translation, they found a user for Liblice, although the 1500 kW Tesla TX has been dismantled last year.
I don’t know who will rent Liblice and I don’t know which TX they will use.

(translated from Czech / Ed)
“České Radiokomunikace found a customer who is interested in continuing AM broadcasting from the Central Bohemian transmitter Liblice. Therefore, legendary masts will not be broken.
Miloš Mastník, CEO of the operator, announced this at the Innovation Day conference. Yesterday, he communicated the same information to the mayor of Český Brod and the chairwoman of the Association of Friends of Liblice, Irena Kuklová.
A contract for broadcasting the signal was concluded with one of the nationwide commercial radio stations.
“Given that the transmitters are part of critical infrastructure, the owner seeks financial support from the state for the operability of this equipment in the future. In 2025 or 2026, the transmitter will need a very expensive replacement of the mooring ropes,” the city of Český Brod reported on its website.
The Liblica flagpoles measure 355 meters, they are the tallest building in the republic.”

Marco (2023-25-19)


Radio Dechovka will celebrate Czech broadcasting 100 year anniversary – May 18 2023 on 1233 kHz.
If someone needs the final moments of 1233 kHz, see attachment. That’s how it sounded on the Saxonian side of the Erzgebirge mountains where three decades ago the mediumwave band was full with Czech signals while the majority of the East German ones were already gone.

It is understood that the dismantling of the equipment for this frequency will start immediately. Concerning Country Radio… this from two days ago is as close to a confirmation as it gets for now.

It is further understood that the plan is to wheel in TRAM equipment they had kept in storage after closure. As an example for what it could be:

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2023-05-19)

United States

Mountain Radio Group has shifted Variety Hits “101.9 The Lake” 1230 KKPC/K270CM Pueblo CO to Classic Hits as “101.9 KDZA“.

KKPC had changed call letters to KDZA last month bringing the station’s original call letters back. 1230 had been KDZA from its sign-on in 1947 until 1993. The calls then moved to 107.9 Pueblo until 2018 and were most recently parked by iHeartMedia on 1350 Pueblo until last year.

KDZA is featuring “Pueblo Mornings with Nick” hosted by Nick Donovan from 6-10am. Donovan served as PD/morning host at iHeartMedia’s competing Classic Hits 95.5 KPHT until being part of the company’s cuts in March after 27 years with the cluster. “Vintage Vibes” with Caraigh Clarkson will follow in middays from 10am-2pm and “Golden Afternoons” with Guy Girtin is in afternoons from 2-6pm.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-05-18)


100 years of czech radio
[…] Czech Radio itself has prepared a variety of events and shows commemorating the anniversary this year – and especially this week.

*Meanwhile, the Czech Post has issued special stamps marking the occasion.
Photo: Česká pošta :

Now, the Czech National Bank has joined in, by issuing its own special CZK 200 silver coin. On one side, it features pictures of a radio microphone, transmission masts and of the historic broadcasting facility in Kbely. The other side of the coin shows the tent from which the first broadcast was made and the logo of Czechoslovak Radio. The design is the work of academic sculptor Marie Šeborová, who has already created several commemorative coins and medals in the past.

73 Paul Gager to bdxc-news via WOR iog (2023-05-18)


World Music Radio.
Power on 927 kHz increased from 150 to 225 Watts today.
5930 is currently 150 Watts, 15700 kHz is 300 Watts (Sa-Su only), and 25800 kHz is 60 Watts.

World Music Radio FB group (2023-05-16)

United States

Riverside Communications have completed the reconstruction of 920 KLMR and 93.5 KLMR-FM Lamar CO.

The two stations were severely damaged by a microburst storm July 23, 2022 with the studio building and tower of 920 KLMR being completely destroyed. Former owners 25-7 Media surrendered the two licenses to the FCC in September stating, “Studios are a complete loss. Unable to restore service for both KLMR-AM (920) & KLMR-FM (93.5) 25-7 Media requesting to cancel both licenses, return spectrum, and release call letters.” They then requested to have the licenses restored within the 30 day window to do so and would sell the licenses to Riverside in January for $30,000.

920 KLMR, which most recently featured a News/Talk format, has returned to its former Classic Country “The Country Giant” identity. The station will feature the “Anything Goes Morning Show” and retains Premiere Networks’ “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory in overnights.


Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-05-17)