Liblice update.
The output on 639 kHz will be 20 kW, like the Zbraslav transmission it will replace.
In addition Country Radio will also be transmit from Ceske Budejovice with 5 kW on 954 kHz, by the transmitter so far used for a DRM test. This per

And the rumour mill describes the transmitter they brought to Liblice as a rig that came from Germany and has been obtained for scrap metal value. Which could be taken as a paraphrase for the ex-Topolna transmitter which indeed is the ex-261 kHz 1996 til 2000 transmitter from Burg. In this case it would, however, be a modification of a TRAM-L into a mediumwave TRAM. Thus I would not jump to conclusions here too quickly.

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2023-05-27)