Monitoring observations of Akashvani 12 May 2023 (VU2JOS)
Most of the stations of Prasar Bharati has now changed announcements from All India Radio to Akshwani with effect from 3 May 2023. However the following stations of Akshvani were noted with station identification as All India Radio during the sign on announcement today 12 May 2023!

1. Jowai, Meghalaya
2. Mokokchung , Nagaland
3. The stations in Tamilnadu (ie Chennai etc.) & Pudicherry are still announcing as All India Radio. Several political parties there have protested against the change.
4. For External Service, some language services are yet to change the identification announcements to Akashvani.

Jose Jacob to dxindia iog (2023-05-12)