Cyclone Biparjoy is expected to make landfall tomorrow 15 June 2023 in Saurashtra-Kachchh coast of Gujarat State, Western India.
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Akashwani stations in the area have started issuing alert messages.
It is EXPECTED that they will operate continuously tonight, instead of signing off at night at around 11.15 pm IST / 1745 UTC.

The following MW frequencies may be monitored tonight for any extended emergency transmissions (after 1745 UTC)

810 kHz Rajkot 300 kW DRM on 801 kHz
846 khz Ahmedabad 200 kW DRM on 837 kHz
1071 kHz Rajkot 1000 kW ( scheduled till 1.00 am IST/ 1930 UTC)
1314 kHz Bhuj 20 kW
Plus many FM stations

Authorities demolish weak tower of Akashvani Dwaraka ahead of cyclone!
The weak 100 meter tower of Akashvani Dwaraka in the region has been demolished by authorities before the cyclone arrived there ! It used to operate on 100.1 MHz with 100 Watts.

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Emergency Ham Radio Network:
Local Hams in the area have started an emergency communication Network ahead of the cyclone.

With inputs from Alokesh Gupta, Jose Jacob

Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia iog (2023-06-14)