Looks like 1701 Islamic Voice – Melbourne has been off the air for at least a couple of days, maybe longer. I noticed the carrier not showing up lately but I put it down to propagation to Vic, or lack thereof. However, checking several Kiwi SDRs in the Melbourne region don’t seem to reveal them either. 
VoC and Brisvaani are still going strong on 1701 though.

This morning was rather interesting, with some good signals from NZ and OZ in the upper portion of the band. It also helped that KLFE 1590 was off, that opened up 1593 and I had a chance to hear about 2 or 3 DU stations mixing. Coast being one, judging by the offset. Not too familiar with the rest of them since that frequency is normally 100% blocked for me. 

Jeroen Bet to irca iog (2023-07-06)