TWR Radio 1566 ID.
Last night Benin on 1566 peaked up just enough for an ID here in VE6 again.

For those still looking for a Benin ID, I share this because its an example of “if you know what to listen for” it can really help.
Last night Benin on both 1476 and 1566 had a fair signal peak before carrier shut down at 5:10ut.
TWR on 1566 for the last month has been like clockwork with an ID at 05;07ut, just before carrier shut down at 5:10ut. The sequence is 2 sets of chimes/bells, then a male with the verbal ID.
Here is a chance to test your DX ears, and perhaps new headphones to see if you can copy the ID. It is there. It might take a few repeats to hear it.
2 sets of the distinctive bell sequence, then at :24 sec, very weak male: “This is TWR radio, fifteen sixty-six, speaking hope to the world”:

Sure this is extremely weak, but….that’s why it’s called…..DX!
I know I have already shared this a week or so ago, but for those still looking for an ID, I encourage you check at exactly 5;07 ut for this ID sequence.
Here again is a very strong version of the same ID sequence from Bill Whitacre to help you know what to listen for:

Steve ve6wz, Sundre, AB to irca iog (2023-07-07)