United Kingdom / Italy

Many of you will know that my 24/7 online station, Radio Six International, is also relayed on FM in New Zealand and shortwave in Germany and Australia. For our 60th anniversary on June 6th we ran 24 hours on 9,670kHz from Rohrbach in Germany but also the main live show of the day was carried on 1,323kHz (226m) from Villa Estense in Italy between 19:00 and 21:00 UTC.
We’ve now completed sending out QSL and eQSL cards and 21 of these related to reports for 1,323. Ten countries were logged. (A total of 117 reception reports from 24 countries covered the 24 hour period.)
Our MW audience was higher than I had expected so we’re now considering periodic (perhaps quarterly) special broadcasts on AM. Got to keep the band alive!
I thought members might find it interesting to see things from the broadcaster’s perspective.

Tony Currie to mwcircle FB group (2023-07-11)