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Radio Caroline.
Ross Revenge is in a race against time and the elements to get into dry dock. This video https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=997134871298801 shows Studio 1 on board Ross Revenge on Friday, after a few days of heavy rain. The crew spent the weekend removing 45 gallons of water from the studios and drying them out with dehumidifiers before risking firing up the studios on Sunday. Despite some equipment being affected by the damp, essential equipment was thankfully unaffected and things are still on course for next weekend’s live broadcast. The water came through the deck above the bridge and chart room, which is known as Monkey Island. One of the decks that needs replacing in dry dock. We can try and patch it up but with winter coming we can expect more leaks in a number of areas of the ship.
If you would like to help us get Ross Revenge into dry dock and ensure her future you can visit our Crowdfunder page here – crowdfunder.co.uk/p/ross-revenge-dry-docking 
As always, donations of any amount are very welcome

Kari Kallio via nordx iog (2023-07-11)