Egypt / Saudi Arabia

Monitoring via TWR Cyprus SDR:

Around 1030 UTC there was on 621 kHz a signal with music, apparently a concert recording. Typical ERTU “quality”. The once known streaming adresses from them no longer work, thus no confirmation of the programming was possible (there are ERTU offers listed that could fit). Apparently no high power, the signal was at least 10 dB weaker than 558 kHz and the difference to 819 kHz was even higher. And at 1050 it was gone again. By the way, 774 kHz was found similarly weak.

And one other note: At a glance it seems that in Saudi Arabia all mediumwave outlets for international coverage have been turned off. Which is remarkable in light of the current efforts to put Sudan programming on MW. Al Arabiya is a separate entity, but their new radio operation has already been put not only on FM but also on shortwave, so that does not appear to be a hindrance. Thus I wonder if the Cyprus 639 kHz tests are just a marketing effort from the side of Encompass.

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2023-07-12)