Here is a list of the names and the power of the transmitter types:

Here are many photos of these antennas.

There is also a huge 8 mast ARRT antenna (Quadrat with reflector IIRC). 2 unidirectional ARRT (different type, cage antenna isn’t the same) and a “new” 6 mast antenna (maybe for TWR?).
A small one (I assume MW, maybe 100 kW?) is located there:
40.41396592656742, 45.20675781349275
The shortwave stuff looks like the common types of curtain antennas.

Also have a look at:
It shows various pictures of the antennas, including the 8 mast ARRT, and the 6 mast MW antenna with uncommon wires:

Are these feeder lines or toploads etc.?

Marco (2023-07-23)