For those interested. List of transmitters and antenna systems of Noratus Radio Center, Armenia.
The center was founded in 1965. Carries out terrestrial rebroadcasting by powerful radio facilities. Pay attention to transmitters. Almost everything is Soviet developments.
Shortwave transmitters type: Condor, Bob 2, Thunder
Medium wave: Boreas (by the way, not often found now)
On medium waves, the information is clearly not all. There are many times more antenna systems, as well as transmitters.
In the arsenal of the center there is a directional antenna system of the medium wave range – Bolshaya Zarya (a chain of towers)
The center goes on the air according to the schedule at the following frequencies:
864 kHz, 1350 kHz, 1377 kHz, 1395 kHz
Previously used frequencies:
234 kHz and 1314 kHz
Until April 1, 2014, Voice of Russia was relayed from here

Suddenly, who wants to tell.
The cost of an hourly broadcast on medium waves with a power of 500 kW is $ 250 (23,000 rubles at the exchange rate).
Directions of broadcasting of transmitters of CJSC “Radio” ..

RUS-DX items July 23 via WOR iog (2023-07-23)

That list is incomplete also for shortwave, earlier research indicated that four 100 kW transmitters had been installed there as one batch, the other two ones under the unsurprising numbers RV-573 and RV-574.

(What’s quoted in the column “type number” are designators of specifications rather than model. A 1000 kW transmitter for both LW and MW would likewise be a PDSV-1000 and so on.)

But look at line 7: “nautell” (sic). I assume it runs on 1377 kHz, since this frequency appears to be used by Trans World Radio exclusively, or do I overlook something? Last year they asked for donations related to Iran programming, and it appeared that the idea was to add another new transmitter. Back then they also mentioned increasing the airtime to up to six hours a day, but so far it are still the established 90 minutes, 1700-1830 UTC on 1377 kHz. (No shortwave anymore, already for a good number of years, also for this – in past times the transmitters in Albania were used for that.)

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2023-07-23)